The process of building whether it is an entirely new structure, an addition, or simply a modification of an existing space can appear quite complex. A person who is thinking of building will be confronted with a number of questions. Many decisions will have to be made, some of which require the help of a professional:

  • What do I actually need and want? How much space is necessary for this?
  • What kind of design am I looking for? How can I best use the new space?
  • How long will the project take, and how much will it cost?
  • How can I make sure that I get the best work from the contractor and the aesthetic result that I am looking for?

westermanndesign can help you find the best answers to all of these questions. Three-dimensional visualizations will help you imagine your space at an early stage. Reliable cost estimates will make sure that you stay within your budget. With a thorough code review and quality permit drawings, we will ensure that your project complies with all requirements of your local jurisdiction. To get the final product that you want, we can also assist during construction with detailing of architectural features, selection of materials and fixtures, and anything that needs the special attention of a design professional. With every single project, we strive for beauty, practicality, and cost efficiency. We want to make every client a happy customer.